Lower School — Elementary

Grades 3-5 are a time of exciting developmental, socio-emotional and intellectual changes for children. At Calhoun, we tailor our approach to the needs and potential of individual students, inspiring their love of learning and preparing them to thrive.

Calhoun is an intellectually stimulating environment because of the diversity of children and adults in our classrooms. Our teachers bring their own passions and expertise to their classes, and children and adults work closely with each other, sharing excitement for whatever they are learning together. Calhoun’s Lower School – Elementary teachers create the space that allows children to be actively engaged in the learning process.

In Calhoun’s Lower School – Elementary, children learn through a dynamic, collaborative curriculum that challenges them to learn and grow as individuals and community members. Students in grades 3-5 develop the strong skills, social confidence, intelligence and motivation that will equip them for success in their future academic journeys.  

Debra Jeffreys-Glass
Lower School — Elementary Director

A Day in Lower School

Learn more about the Lower School's classroom structure & schedule, advisory system, parent/teacher partnership, and other division details.

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