Middle School

MS Director, Andrea Solomon-Gutierrez

Andrea Solomon-Gutierrez
Middle School Director

The Middle School is marked by Calhoun’s joyful spirit. Take a tour and you'll find mathematicians tackling algebraic puzzles, scientists creating catapults, and writers publishing their own literary magazine. Student work is investigative, collaborative and meaningful.

Middle School course work is multicultural, project-oriented, and designed to stretch students’ thinking from the concrete to the abstract. The curriculum engages and ignites curiosity. Students are guided toward independence as they develop their own voices, taking ownership of who they are as individuals while celebrating the diversity within the community.

Students' interests guide each teacher's approach to teaching, which is infused with interdisciplinary studies, current events and project-based learning. Teachers are also encouraged to infuse their own passions into the curriculum, making Calhoun's Middle School an exciting place to learn and grow.

Our Curriculum

Middle School classes are small and discussion-based, allowing teachers to engage students in an interdisciplinary, project-oriented curriculum that encourages students to be critical thinkers.

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Co-Curricular Programs

An integral part of student life, Middle School co-curricular programs reflect Calhoun’s commitment to the development of each student’s creative, social and emotional well-being.

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Program Details

Learn more about Calhoun's Middle School classroom structure and schedule, our student advisory system, the parent/teacher partnership, and other division details.

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