Co-Curricular Programs

Calhoun students get involved in a rich array of co-curricular activities outside the classroom, exploring their talents, passions, and interests. These activities are an integral part of student life, reflective of the school's commitment to intellectual growth as well as to the development of each individual's creative, social, and emotional well-being.

Assemblies, Guest Artists, Speakers

In addition to drama productions and music recitals, a variety of educational and cultural enrichment assemblies are held throughout the year. Guest speakers, educators and artists are also invited into the classroom. Calhoun's Performing Arts Series, held on evenings throughout the school year, provides students and parents the opportunity to attend documentary films, musical concerts and panel discussions at nominal cost.


The Middle School offers After School Athletics programs for 6th graders and several interscholastic teams for 7th and 8th graders. 


Club offerings may change from year to year, depending on the interest of the student body. The value that Calhoun places on co-curricular participation is reflected by the ample time allotted for these activities during the school week. Different clubs meet each day during recess so that students can join a number of clubs while still being involved in after-school sports teams and theatre productions. If there is student interest in founding a new activity, it is easy to do so by securing a faculty advisor. Clubs in the last few years have included: Book Club, Chess, Comic League, Diversity Club, Film Club, Macrame, Music Club, Students of Color Support (SOCS), Student Government, Newspaper, Sustainability Club and Yearbook.

Cross-Divisional Activities

Cross-grade and cross-divisional activities expand the student's concept of community and contribute to the collaborative atmosphere and respect that is so highly valued at Calhoun. When appropriate, Middle School students join with either Lower or Upper School students to “share" information as part of a unit of study. Middle School students have, in the past, joined Upper School students for hands-on classes in Active Physics and Astronomy, and eighth graders share their interactive research projects on health and nutrition projects with younger students.


Calhoun's Middle School students are exposed to the wealth of New York City museums, as well as numerous other cultural and educational resources. In addition, students in every Middle School grade participate in at least one overnight trip each year.