A Day in Middle School

Middle School classes are small and discussion-based, with 12-16 students per teacher. This allows teachers to engage students in a dynamic learning process of interdisciplinary, project-oriented curricula that encourages students to be inquisitive, critical thinkers.

Subject areas in Middle School are more departmentalized as compared to Lower School. However, the day is still structured to ease the students toward the organization and individual responsibility that they will need in the later Middle School and Upper School years.

The Middle School Trimester & 6-Day Rotation Schedule

The Middle School program is structured on a six-day rotation schedule within a trimester system.

The trimester system is the foundation for a well-rounded, challenging program in all of the academic disciplines, while encouraging students to experiment, explore and follow their individual passions through electives. 

The six-day rotation means that classes are not linked to the days of the week, but rotate through days one through six. This structure means that students avoid missing the same classes every time a holiday or early dismissal occurs.

Assessing Student Progress

Assessment at Calhoun is part of the deep relationship between students and teachers. Our teachers observe Middle School students as they demonstrate their learning, and these observations form the basis of their assessments. Teachers can then use this continual process of assessing to create personalized experiences tailored to the learning need of each child. 

Comprehensive narrative assessments are sent to families three times a year, which provide detailed descriptions of the child's cognitive, social and emotional growth. Families receive a vivid and clear understanding of how their children are learning.

Advisory & Cluster System

Every Middle School student has a cluster advisor, a teacher who is the child’s mentor and liaison between the child, the family and the school.

Each student is also part of a cluster group led by a particular teacher. The school day begins and ends with a cluster gathering used for announcements or check-ins. 

Parent/Teacher Partnership

Calhoun encourages a partnership between families, students and teachers. Every school year includes two to three personal conferences. Families and cluster advisors continue to communicate throughout the year.