Calhoun Virtual Story Pirates Camp

The Story Pirates are a nationally renowned group of comedians, musicians, best-selling authors and incredible teachers with fifteen years of experience creating content that celebrates the imaginations of kids. This full-day, virtual camp is designed to make time at home more creative, enriching, and most importantly FUN! Kids will work with Story Pirates teaching artists to write their own amazing stories and songs, engage in interactive activities and improv games, participate in live interactive Story Pirates performances, and stretch their imaginations as they create puppets, inventions, maps, and entire worlds from the comfort of home.

Each day will be a mix of small group virtual learning, live-streamed interactive classes, and time for kids to work independently on their own special projects with the support and guidance of Story Pirates teaching artists. 

Week 1 Theme: Camp Quest

Campers will create their own fantasy world, and fill it with imaginary creatures, monsters, magic, heroes, villains, and of course... daring quests to save the world! Expect your kids to stretch their imaginations to the limit, as they think up the weirdest, funniest, most mind-bending fantasy tales that have ever been conceived. Will there be magical surprises? Will the hero triumph over evil? Probably! But we’ll have to wait and see what the kids come up with to tell.

Week 2 Theme: Spy Training

Campers become time travelers, masters of disguise, and code breakers in this exhilarating workshop series that stealthily builds theater, writing, and art skills. By the time it’s over, campers will be certified spies, with code names, stealth skills, secret documents, and the adventurous stories to prove it.

This will be an experience to remember with campers receiving special gifts such as the limited-edition magazine access to the Creative Club digital content and more!

Please Note: We reserve the right to discontinue a camp due to insufficient enrollment or extraordinary circumstances.

Camp Details

Dates: June 22 - July 3, 2020
Hours: 10am - 3:30pm
Campers: Students entering 2nd-6th grades in 2020
Enrollment: Limited to 20 campers
Tuition: $1,500


Sample Day Schedule


  • Camp Homeroom
  • Break/Project Time
  • Small Breakout Groups Work

Lunch (30 minutes)


  • Story Pirates University Camp; Story Creation Zone w/Performances; Story Pirates Book Club·      
  • Break/Transition
  • Project Time
  • Camp Homeroom


About the Story Pirates

The Story Pirates believe that every child has a story to tell. This critically acclaimed media organization, founded in 2004, has headquarters in New York and Los Angeles, and produces an array of original projects based on collaborations between kids and world-class artists. The group is made up of renowned comedians, musicians, authors, designers and teachers who use kids’ own words and ideas as the source material for everything they do. Adding professional polish, the Pirates bring to life on stage, on screen, in books and albums, and through their popular podcast, what young minds scribble down on paper. By inviting kids into the creative process, the Story Pirates offer a participatory new approach to kids’ media that’s fresh and engaging, not to mention hilarious.

“I really liked meeting Lee from the Story Pirates podcast and I loved making up our characters for our plays!  And it was really cool to be in New York!”

— Phoebe, camper