Calhoun Music Program

Calhoun has a robust music program. Our students can choose from a wide variety of music classes, and work in small groups with professional music faculty.

In the Lower School, our youngest students receive their first introduction to music through studies with a World Music specialist. Starting in second grade, students begin their first formal instrumental lessons with recorders. In Middle School, each student can choose to sing in the chorus or pick an instrument to learn. Middle Schoolers can also opt to take classes like Electronic Music Lab or Introduction to Jazz. Upper Schoolers have access to a range of music electives – from dedicated study of an instrument to Music Theory or Advanced Jazz Improvisation.

Calhoun is a leader in jazz music, and hosts a citywide jazz conference each year. Our student-musicians have frequent opportunities to perform at concerts for our community or around the city.  


Jazz Night, Feb. 2019

Winds Concert, Mar. 2019