Calhoun Visual Arts Program

Calhoun’s visual arts program encourages students to explore, experiment and take risks with their work. Through classes including pottery, sculpture, painting, printmaking, graphic design, filmmaking, photography and wood shop, students develop problem-solving skills, learn to work both collaboratively and independently, and discover the art of diverse cultures across history.

Students study and discuss the work of both historical and contemporary artists, and experience great art firsthand through field trips to NYC museums, galleries and artist studios. Professional artists frequently come to the school to speak and supervise workshops, as well.  At Calhoun, student-artists learn to see the world through multiple perspectives by making connections through art to self, their communities and the world at large.

Student-Created Films

Photograme Doc Cover Photo

The DepARTment
by Oliver Rauch '19
(Junior Workshop Class)

Photograme Doc Cover Photo

by Josh Blank '17
(Doc. II Class)

Miguel The Icy Man Doc Cover Photo

Miguel, the Icy Man
by Ana Finnerty-Haggerty '17
(Doc. II Class)