Domestic Exchange Program

Network of Complementary Schools

Through a high school domestic exchange program called The Network of Complementary Schools, Calhoun students (and faculty) are invited to apply for a two- to three-week domestic exchange program through the Network of Complementary Schools.

The Network of Complementary Schools, an organization of twenty-five public and private schools/school systems located in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, organizes and sponsors individual student exchanges among member schools.

Each of the schools in the Network has a program or programs that are unique and unusual. Generally, the programs offered by Network schools are experientially based or have an intensive academic focus (listed by program, location or by school). Since there is no expectation of a one-for-one exchange, students are able to consider any other Network school. Students who visit another Network school have an opportunity to explore career options, to focus on scientific disciplines, to learn more about social institutions, to pursue artistic interests, and to learn about different lifestyles and cultures.

There is no charge to individual students other than transportation and spending money, and financial aid is available. Acceptance to the program is based on application and recommendation.

In recent years, Calhoun students have taken advantage of the NCS exchange program to spend time at schools in Rochester, NY; Putney, VT; Puerto Rico, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Knoxville, and a Navajo reservation in Arizona. Under the auspices of the Network program, students from Arizona, California, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and Texas have also spent time at Calhoun.

Program and Application Info

Calhoun US students who are interested in participating in NCS should contact Lavern McDonald, Associate Director of the Upper School.

For more details about the program and each of the member schools, go to The Network of Complementary Schools website.