Upper School Program Details


Academic Requirements

Calhoun’s graduation requirements include four years of English, four years of social studies, three years of mathematics, three years of the same world language (French, Mandarin or Spanish), three years of science (active physics, chemistry and biology), nine credits in the arts, eight credits of physical education, and satisfactory completion of Life Skills, Junior Workshop and Senior Work.

The Upper School schedule is a unique example of our progressive approach to education that helps us put our values of experiential and hands-on learning into practice. 

Learn more about the US Curriculum and the Junior Workshop and Senior Work programs, and see an example of an Upper School course of study.

Hybrid Learning

To open school safely, Calhoun adopted a hybrid model. Explore what hybrid learning looks like at Calhoun across divisions.

Most Calhoun students complete the majority of their academic requirements by junior year, allowing time to dive deeper into their interests. Most students also graduate having exceeded the minimum requirements—for example, students are strongly encouraged to take a fourth year of mathematics, science and world language. 

Assessing Student Progress

Assessment at Calhoun emerges from the strong relationship between students and teachers. Our teachers observe students as they demonstrate learning, and these observations form the basis of their assessments. Teachers then use this continual process of observation and assessment to create personalized experiences tailored to the learning needs of each student.

Upper School students receive a report upon the completion of each mod, which is a summary and assessment of the work the student has completed during the term. Each report includes in-depth comments, as well as a cognitive and affective grade. 

Community Time

Students and teachers enjoys a common 60-minute free block in the morning called Community Time. This block begins with a cluster meeting, and the remainder of the time is used for one-on-one meetings, collaborative work on student projects, or club meetings. Once a rotation, the entire Upper School comes together during Community Time for Town Meeting.

Independent study opportunities like Junior Workshop and Senior Work challenge students to be the leaders of their own educational journeys. 

Calhoun Athletics’ rich culture helps students build critical skills, supporting their growth as athletes and as people.

US student works with teacher

Close relationships with teachers build confidence and promote self advocacy.

A variety of theater electives offer students the chance to explore theater arts and develop their artistic voices.

A tailored College Counseling experiences honors individuality, helping each student find the right school for them.

Uppers Schoolers take their learning outside the classroom to places like Black Rock Forest, where biology comes to life.

Community Service is an integral part of the Upper School experience as students discover and explore causes that speak to them.

A diverse, challenging course catalog serves as a window into the college experience

Our Curriculum

The breadth of academic opportunities—from advanced seminars to independent studies—challenges students to dig deeper, think outside the box and unlock their potential.

Learn more.

Advisory & Cluster System

Each Upper School student is part of a cluster group led by a particular teacher. Clusters meet every morning to check in and go over upcoming Upper School events and news.


Parent/Teacher Partnership

Calhoun encourages a strong partnership between families, students and teachers. Every school year includes two to three family conferences, and teachers are available for additional meetings as needed.