Senior Work Program

Calhoun twelfth graders participate in a closely-monitored internship program in the professional environment of their choice, allowing them to develop skills for the modern workplace and apply their knowledge in a real-world setting.

Students partner with program advisors to develop resumes that will introduce them to potential site supervisors, and are often required to participate in interviews at internship sites. Our internship partners create meaningful and stimulating opportunities that challenge our seniors to expand their capacities and talents.

During their internships, seniors frequently check in with Senior Work advisors, and engage in meaningful exploration of the critical questions related to the changing nature of work in our society. When the program concludes, students share their experiences with the Calhoun community during an afternoon exhibition.


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Calhoun seeks subject matter experts in their field who are willing to engage as mentors to students.

The 2019 Senior Work program runs from April 29 - June 5.

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Past Internship Sites

Thank you to the 100+ organizations and businesses that have hosted our seniors for internships since 2011.

We appreciate your support!

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