Upper School Schedule

Calhoun’s innovative Upper School schedule allows students to delve deeper into subjects and explore their passions.

We divide the year into five terms called “mods.” Students take fewer classes in each term that meet for longer periods of time. We also operate on a six-day rotation with daily blocks. With this structure, the school avoids missing a day of classes when a holiday occurs.

Upper School students complete required courses in English, math, science, social studies and world languages, with three mods being equivalent to a full year’s curriculum. The schedule also allows for students to take a wide variety of electives in any subject. In twelfth grade, students have the opportunity to customize their schedule and go deeper in core subjects and areas of interest.

Highlights of the Upper School Schedule:

  • Students spend more time throughout the school year in their core classes, while also having time to pursue their passions and interests.

  • Students are able to explore fewer subjects at a time in greater depth, which enables greater understanding and retention.

  • Students have more time in the day to meet one-on-one with teachers, gather at clubs or town meetings, or work on projects with their peers.

  • Faculty have more time to design innovative lesson plans and use the city as a classroom in their teaching.

Break down of the Upper School Mod Schedule