Upper School Schedule

Based on a five-mod system and a six-day rotation with daily blocks, Calhoun's Upper School schedule is a unique piece of our progressive approach to teaching and learning.

The Upper School schedule was created on the understanding that students learn best when class time permits student-directed inquiry, deep exploration and experiential learning. The schedule is also designed so that excursions into the city and community-engaged approaches to learning can be a regular part of school.

Rather than two semesters, the school year is organized into five mods during which students study between three to five subjects. In the mod system, some classes are continuous, occurring in consecutive mods, while others are designed for one mod. The schedule is built on a six-day rotation, so that class meetings are not linked to the days of the week. Each day includes four 60-minute classes and one 45-minute class. Once a rotation, each class enjoys a double block.

Advantages of the block scheduling for students and teachers:

  • Students are able to explore fewer subjects at a time in greater depth, which enables greater understanding and retention.

  • Teachers have more time to develop key concepts, design innovative lesson plans that offer a variety of modalities for learning, and to work in-depth with students.

  • Because teachers have fewer students to teach, they can adapt lessons and content material to student interest

Break down of the Upper School Mod Schedule