3's-6th Grade Testing Schedule*

* 7th graders under 12 years old will also get kits and follow the collection schedule below.

Kit Distribution
Four kits will be distributed on Tues. Sept. 14 to each 3's-6th grade student.

Sample Collection
Mon., Sept. 20
Mon., Sept. 27
Mon., Oct. 4
Tues., Oct. 12

- Samples must be created
Please make sure they are clearly labeled prior to collection.

- Samples must be submitted each week as outlined above or outside testing will be required to return to campus.

COVID-19 Testing at Calhoun

Calhoun once again has partnered with Mirimus Labs, based in Brooklyn, to conduct weekly, non-invasive, saliva-based, pooled testing for COVID-19. Mirimus Labs’ offering allows us to reliably conduct COVID-19 testing with accuracy and a quick turnaround. Pooled testing is a resource-effective way to efficiently test large groups and receive fast and accurate results, usually within 24 hours.

This additional safety measure is intended to complement—and not replace—the behavioral norms (distancing, wearing masks), infrastructure changes, and other adjustments we have made to keep our community safe and our buildings open. In addition, members of our community are expected to continue to take measures while they are not on campus to further mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

You can read more about the CDC’s interim guidance on pooled testing here and more about how Mirimus Labs conducts pooled testing here

Unvaccinated students under 12 years old who are unwilling or unable to participate in weekly testing through Calhoun must provide a negative molecular-based test result (NAAT/PCR) test by 3pm each Tuesday to Nicole Nelson in order to be on campus. Unvaccinated students under twelve years old who do not participate in Calhoun’s weekly testing and do not provide a negative test result from an independent NAAT/PCR test will not be permitted on campus.

COVID-19 Testing FAQs