Spring Off-Campus COVID-19 Testing

If you are an in-person student or employee who has not recorded a COVID-19 test with us since April 2, you must complete a molecular-based test result administered within five days of your return to campus. 

All results should be send to testing@calhoun.org no later than 4pm the day prior to your return to campus. 

What kind of test will you accept for off-campus testing?
  • A molecular-based COVID-19 test (PCR, NAAT, etc), not a rapid antigen test, administered within five days of your return to campus. 
Where can one get a molecular COVID-19 test?

Your primary care provider may be able to help you.

Other options include:

  • NY State Testing by zip code (free)
  • LabQ locations throughout the city, 24-48 hour turn-around, free with insurance
  • Rapid Test Center ($250) — 252 Columbus Avenue, (between 71st and 72nd Street). Same day PCR results.

​​​At-home testing options:

Please be sure to check with your provider before being tested that the test is molecular-based. 

What should I do with my results when I get them?
Please email your results to testing@calhoun.org. Full name, date of birth, date test was administered, type of test and result should all be visible.


Ongoing Testing Schedule

Beginning Week of April 12

If a distribution day is missed, it is your responsibility to pick up a test kit prior to sample collection.

Monday: Kits Distributed
Tuesday: Samples Collected*

Monday: Kits Distributed
Tuesday: Samples Collected*

6th & 7th Grade
Monday: Kits Distributed
Tuesday: Samples Collected*

8th Grade
Wednesday: Kits Distributed
Thursday: Samples Collected*

Upper School
(Your in-person cycle only)
Thursday: Sample Collected*
Thursday: Kits Distributed

*Samples must be created
Please make sure they are clearly labeled prior to collection.

*Samples must be submitted each week as outlined above or outside testing will be required to return to campus.