3rd-7th Grade Gateway COVID-19 Testing

Students who have not submitted a gateway test following winter break are required to submit an independent COVID-19 test. See details on off-campus testing

When is gateway testing for all 3rd-7th grade students and employees?

There are two ways to complete your gateway testing:

  1. Calhoun will offer an opportunity to complete saliva gateway testing on campus, at 81st Street, on Thursday, January 7.
  2. You may obtain a test on your own so long as the test is administered on or after Wednesday, January 6 and submitted to Calhoun at testing@calhoun.org by 5pm on Sunday, January 10. You can search for NYS testing locations by zip code here

Important Notes
  • Calhoun’s surveillance saliva testing may not be used to test out of any kind of quarantine—whether imposed by the Department of Health in response to an exposure, or to end a post-travel quarantine under NYS travel regulations.
  • Teachers and students may need to adjust their participation in remote classes on Thursday, January 7 in order to participate in testing. Learning will be as asynchronous as possible on this day in order to accommodate this.

Thank you in advance for your support of Calhoun and our commitment to creating a healthy and safe experience for our students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Gateway Testing FAQs for 3rd-12th Grade

3rd-7th Grade Testing Schedule

Week of January 4

  • Remote learning for LS-E, MS and US

Wednesday, January 6

  • Earliest acceptable date for an independent test

Thursday, January 7

  • Saliva testing available at Calhoun for students and employees
    • 8:30am-1pm at 81st Street
    • Test kits will be distributed upon arrival and samples will completed on campus
    • Please do not eat, drink or brush your teeth 30 minutes prior to the test or use mouthwash two hours prior
    • To reduce the number of people on campus, we ask that only students, faculty and staff come into the building
    • Testing should take less than 10 minutes

Sunday, January 10

Monday, January 11

  • 3rd-7th grade returns for in-person learning for all who passed through gateway testing
  • Kits sent home for Jan. 12 testing

Tuesday, January 12

  • Saliva testing for 3rd-7th grade