LS-Early Childhood Gateway COVID-19 Testing

Students who have not submitted a gateway test following winter break are required to submit an independent COVID-19 test. See details on off-campus testing

When is gateway testing for LS-EC employees and students at 74th Street?

There are two ways to complete your gateway testing:

  1. Prior to the start of winter break, we sent home saliva test sample kits with all students and employees. On Monday, January 4, we will offer an opportunity for families and employees to return these vials with fresh saliva samples to 74th Street, between the hours of 8am and 12pm.

  2. You may obtain a test on your own so long as the test date is administered on or after Friday, January 1 and submitted to Calhoun by 3pm on Tuesday, January 5 to You can search for NYS testing locations by zip code here

LS-Early Childhood classes are cancelled on Monday, January 4. Classes are remote on Tuesday, January 5, to allow time for testing results to be received. In-person and hybrid classes will resume on January 6.

What’s the alternative to coming to Calhoun on Monday, January 4?

All employees and students are welcome to obtain tests closer to home if that is more convenient for them. New York City and surrounding communities have a large number of sites offering free testing, and many urgent care facilities offer COVID-19 testing. Drive through testing is also available at many sites.

We ask you to get a molecular (eg., PCR) test; we will not accept results of rapid antigen tests for this screening. Please do not come to campus on January 6 without having submitted test results or participated in the Monday, January 4 collection. Please send us the lab results by 3pm on Tuesday, January 5 to

What about the regular testing schedule?

After the gateway testing is completed, we will resume our regular testing schedule which can be found here. Reminders about Calhoun’s testing procedures can be found here.

Please Note: Calhoun’s surveillance saliva testing may not be used to test out of any kind of quarantine—whether imposed by the Department of Health in response to an exposure, or to end a post-travel quarantine under NYS travel regulations.

LS-EC Testing Schedule

Week of December 14

  • Gateway test kits will be distributed

Monday, January 4

  • No school for LS-EC
  • Samples dropped off at Little Calhoun between 8am and 12pm
  • Please, no eating, drinking or teeth brushing 30 minutes prior to sample collection and no mouthwash two hours prior

Tuesday, January  5

  • Remote learning day for all
  • Independent gateway test results due by 3pm to (if applicable)

Wednesday, January 6

  • In-person instruction begins for everyone who passed through gateway testing

Monday, January 11

  • Kits sent home for January 12 testing

Tuesday, January 12

  • Saliva testing for LS-EC