Need Support?

Contact Calhoun Nurse Lisa Moldowsky212-497-6561, for any school-related health questions.

Keeping Our Community Safe

Here are some important steps your family can take each day to help keep you and our community safe.


Wear a Mask

All students and community members must wear a face mask or covering when in school buildings. Face coverings must be adequate (2-3 ply woven cotton and securely cover the face from the nose to the chin without any gaps). Gaiters, vented masks and bandanas are not permitted. Here are some helpful guides on masks:



Keep Your Child Home if They Feel Sick

If your child is exhibiting symptoms of illness, please keep them home from school. If your child develops symptoms while at school, arrange for them to be picked up promptly.



Commit to Healthy Habits In and Out of School

Wash and sanitize hands often, wear masks covering your nose and mouth in public, cough and sneeze into your elbow, and maintain physical distancing.