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Here are some helpful tips on how to best support your child with at-home learning from the LS-Elementary support team.

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LS-Elementary Hybrid Schedule

Use this page as a resource for reopening information specific to the Lower School—Elementary division (3rd-5th grades). Please continue to check back periodically for ongoing updates.

LS-E Arrival & Dismissal

We will use a staggered arrival and dismissal schedule for each grade. Watch a video previewing what to expect when you arrive.

LS-E Arrival and Dismissal Schedule


LS-E Hybrid Schedule

The hybrid schedule begins on October 13.

Features of LS-E hybrid schedule:

  • Morning Cluster
  • 6 Teaching Periods which include:
    • Core subjects
    • Specials (either on-cycle or off-cycle)
    • 1 outside/park period each day
  • 2 Additional periods which include: 
    • Lunch/down time
    • “Flex” time
    • Grade-level community time
    • Special Courses
    • Assembly
  • Afternoon Cluster