Upper School Distance Learning Schedule

Platforms: Schoology & Zoom (for live sessions)

Daily Schedule

We are moving to a five-day (Monday-Friday) cycle, as well as a repeating daily schedule. Classes are 1-hour long, and there will be no double blocks.

Synchronous Learning Time: Average of 3 hours per school day, plus 30-minute cluster

Monday-Friday Schedule:

  • 9-10am: A Block
  • 10-11am: Cluster/Community Time
  • 11am-12pm: B Block
  • 12-1pm: C Block
  • 1-2pm: Lunch
  • 2-3pm: D Block
  • 3-4pm: E Block & 9th Grade 101

Physical Education: Asynchronous P.E. content will be available to students online. Learn ways Upper School students can receive their P.E. credits this school year.