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Clubs & Affinity Groups

Clubs & Affinity Groups

At Calhoun, students explore their identities and delve into their passions through affinity spaces and clubs.

Affinity Groups

Across divisions, students come together outside of class time as part of Calhoun’s affinity group programming. Made up of peers and facilitators that share a common identity, affinity groups offer students a safe space to explore those identities and build community. 

Programming for affinity groups is scaffolded as students grow, giving Calhouners opportunities to explore their own identity development in a safe space, while discussing nuanced topics in age-appropriate ways. With the support of faculty facilitators to guide discussions, students build relationships, challenge their thinking and learn how to be allies.

While the experience of each group at each age level is unique, our affinity group programming plays an integral role in our continued work to create a more inclusive community and more just future for all.

Read more about Calhoun’s DEI programming.

“An affinity group is a space where I can be myself and talk about my identity and culture.” 

Lauren H. ‘22


The uniqueness of our students is reflected in Calhoun’s Middle and Upper School club offerings, which vary from year to year depending on student interest. Calhouners have the agency to create their own clubs for topics of their choosing, and take on the responsibility of holding space and recruiting peers.

Topics run the gamut from language to theater to sports marketing, and many are inspired by courses that spark interest and inspire deeper investigation. Meetings provide students valuable time to connect with peers outside of class time, while feeding their growing passions. Clubs generally meet during lunch or US community time so that students have the freedom to participate in multiple clubs while having the flexibility to join athletics teams and additional activities.

Examples of Middle School Clubs

  • Calhoun Radio
  • Book Club
  • Anime Club
  • Card Games & Board Games
  • Arabic Calligraphy
  • Ludology
  • Chess Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Dungeons & Dragons

Examples of Upper School Clubs

  • Calhoun Harmony
  • Economics & Finance Club
  • Marine Bio Club
  • Math Tutoring Club
  • Philosophy Club
  • Model UN
  • Science Olympiad
  • Young Jewish Club
  • Coding: Project Euler