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Food Program

Food Program

The food program at Calhoun is more than just the way we nourish students and employees. It is also an integral part of the school's educational program — a further expression of our progressive philosophy that learning extends beyond our classrooms to encompass our physical space, our relationships among one another, and all activities during the school day.

Since its launch in 2002, Calhoun's food program has served as a model for many of the lunch programs at independent schools in New York City and beyond.

By offering menus that are prepared entirely in-house, sourced from local providers wherever possible, the program aims to provide students with healthier meals while building a deep understanding of the importance of a well-balanced diet and the rich cultural traditions of varied cuisines.

The food program goes beyond the kitchen. Our chefs are an integral part of our community and have a presence in our classrooms. Students have various opportunities to learn from our chefs — from the basics of cooking to nutrition to the complexities of our food system.

Balanced nutrition guides the creation of each meal. Daily lunch consists of a number of foods designed to keep students full and satisfied, and to provide the energy they need to take on the day. Students can look forward to an entree, a fresh soup, sandwich and full salad bar.

Expert chefs lend their talents to create diverse and delicious meals each day. Often drawing from their own cultural backgrounds or travels, Calhoun chefs blend delicious flavors to create a unique culinary experience for students.

Meals are designed with dietary restrictions in mind. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are made available daily. All stocks are made in-house for freshness and quality control. As a "nut free zone," the kitchen does not use any oils, nut butters or any ingredients made with or containing nuts.

"Our family is impressed with Chef Lisa’s ability to create healthy and tasty food for the Calhoun lunch program. We appreciate her focus on kids’ health as well the health of the planet. Kudos to Chef Lisa and her whole team!"

Kirsten, P'26