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Menus for April 25th-29th

Happy Friday everyone! This coming week we have some old classics like pizza day and lasagna, as well as some new menus.

On Tuesday, the kitchen is serving an all Brazilian menu in collaboration with Upper School’s Erika Zamfirescu to celebrate the food and culture of Brazil. We will have Feijoada, a smokey black bean and pork stew, one of the national dishes of Brazil. We are also making our own Pão de Queijo, a Brazilian Cheese Bread made with tapioca flour. It is naturally gluten free and has a crunchy exterior and chewy center. They go great with the Feijoada!

We are trying a new take on our popular oven baked Chicken Katsu, using pork loin instead. Should have the same wonderful crunch from the toasted panko and lots of umami from the miso marinade. Served with our house made Japanese BBQ sauce. 

We will also have Chef Oscar’s incredible take on Columbian Pollo Guisado, or Chicken Stew.

Enjoy your weekend and we will see you on Monday!


Menus for April 25th-April 29th

Monday April 25th

Pizza Day!

Vegan Roast Vegetable Pizza

Lemon Kale Caesar

Turkey Po’Boy or Panisse Po’Boy

Khan Soi Chicken Soup or Vegan Khao Soi


Tuesday April 26th

Brazilian Feijoada w/Smoked Pork

Vegan Feijoada w/Roasted Peppers

Crema & Limes

Jasmine Rice

Sautéed Rainbow Chard

Pão de Quejo

Coconut Lime and Sweet Potato Soup


Wednesday April 27th

Pork Katsu w/Japanese BBQ

Tofu Katsu w/Japanese BBQ

Vegetable Yakisoba

Citrus Slaw

Sunflower Butter & Strawberry Jam Sandwiches

White Miso Soup


Thursday April 28th

Colombian Pollo Guisado

Colombian Red Bean and Butternut Guisado

Yellow Rice

Charred Green Beans

Garlic Bread

Broccoli Soup


Friday April 29th

Vegetarian Lasagna

Vegan Lasagna

Roasted Broccoli

Italian Sub Sandwich or Vegan Italian Sub

Sicilian Chickpea & Escarole Soup