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Green Calhoun

Earth Day flowers

Green Calhoun

My Mission

To make Calhoun as sustainable as possible, while encouraging students to be environmentally friendly in communities in school and out of school, while placing value on educating the younger generation of students on how to fulfill these practices and why sustainability is important. 

Going Green



About This Project

I created this website for my Junior Workshop project because I care about sustainability and how we can practice it more in our everyday communities. I talked to Calhoun's Executive Chef Lisa Locke, Facilities Manager Carl Newton, Director of Upper School Danny Isquith, and Director of Communications Michelle Kiefer. I gathered information about what is already being done around Calhoun to preserve energy and increase recycling, and then I made some changes that could help Calhoun be more sustainable. These changes included ordering scrap paper bins to store paper that has potential for reuse, inquiring about environmentally friendly menstrual products in bathrooms, and posting composting and recycling guides around the school. I researched ways to make schools more sustainable and spoke to Lower School–Elementary Director Debra Jeffreys-Glass to brainstorm ways to educate younger students about these issues.

I hope you enjoy learning more about how to support sustainability!
–Kate W. '23