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Service Learning

Service Learning

Calhoun’s service learning program is designed to foster compassion and respect for others while inspiring students to become active participants within their community. Students learn early on that they have the power to make change and service opportunities set the stage for Calhouners to take action.

Community engagement and social justice are central to Calhoun’s philosophy, culture and curriculum. Students of all ages volunteer, lead projects, and learn about social activist and philanthropic causes.

While students from every division participate in school-directed service learning activities, Upper School students are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours of community service. Upper Schoolers volunteer at senior citizen residences, day care centers and food pantries, engage in park clean-ups or citywide services projects, and even organize their own fundraisers. Calhoun has relationships with a number of service organizations across the city, giving students the opportunity to explore causes that speak to them.

Debbie Aronson '79
Director of Service Learning

All-School Community Service Events

Harvest Festival and Earth Day are school-wide events that provide opportunities for students to collaborate in cross-divisional groups in service to the broader community.  Harvest Festival projects frequently involve craft-making for local hospitals or senior centers, food pantry collections, or fundraising to support disaster relief. Earth Day opportunities are focused on sustainability and environmentalism. Projects may include tree planting, recycling, park clean-ups or workshops with local environmental organizations.