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Summer Camps

Summer Camps


Start your summer with Calhoun!

The Calhoun School offers specialty day camps for creative, curious kids in 2nd through 12th grades. Create original films in Calhoun Movie-Making Camp or get coached by professional musicians in Calhoun Summer Music. Strengthen your sports and leadership skills in Sports & Leadership Camp, or delve into story writing, acting and puppets with the internationally-acclaimed Story Pirates during Story Pirates Camp! Camps are open to students from all schools.

Check back in 2024 for more summer programming!

Mutual Aid Project

"I love Movie-Making Camp! We all get to be imaginative, scary, silly or whatever we want to be, and the whole school is used as our set! In the end there is an awesome movie!" Sammy, summer camper

"I liked creating the different stories and making everything up. It ended up being really funny in the end, just like the Story Pirates shows. The leaders of the [Story Pirates Camp] were really nice, fun and helpful. I even got to meet and work with one of the people that did the shows!"

Maia, summer camper