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The theater program at Calhoun focuses on developing student voice and self-expression in a collaborative environment. We stage multiple productions each year, giving budding thespians the opportunity to explore a wide range of theatrical styles, develop new skills, and see the result of their efforts realized in front of an audience. In performing arts classes, students are asked to connect with who they are and expand their empathy towards others.

Through training in practical performance tools – from improv, movement, acting and vocal technique, to directing, writing for performance and filmmaking  – students learn various mediums in order to express their ideas and establish their voice. Theater teachers provide ample opportunities for student-written and directed work, and encourage an atmosphere of experimentation. A production might include collaboration with a professional playwright, veer into the territory of film, or become a platform for activism – the only limit is our imagination!

Calhoun Theater helped me find a community that supported my personal expression and gave me the confidence to pursue acting as a career. Jackson S. '23

Student Performances

Students in preschool through 12th grade have the opportunity to showcase their talents to the community in a range of theater productions held throughout the school year.

Lower School Theater

The Lower School theater program begins with improvisation and storytelling activities that teach children to feel comfortable with self-expression. 

Middle School Theater

Seventh and eighth graders presented a variety-style show of six comic scenes with an opening musical number, “Another Opening, Another Show." 

Upper School Theater: Fall Play

Upper School Theater performed two of Tom Stoppard's most exciting plays, Real Inspector Hound and Artist Descending a Staircase.

Upper School Theater: Winter Workshop

Upper School Theater's Winter Workshop, Saturday Night Live at Calhoun, featured all of your favorite SNL segments, including live sketches, short films, musical performances and Weekend Update.

Upper School Theater: Spring Musical

Our Upper School thespians performed Pippin, featuring remarkable score from award-winning theatrical giant Stephen Schwartz, outstanding and ecstatic choreography, and an immersive set design.

81st Street Performing Arts Theater

Calhoun's Mary Lea Johnson Performing Arts Center has multiple floors dedicated to the performing arts. We have dedicated rehearsal spaces for our student musicians and actors. Our performing arts program is for all students, preschool through 12th grade.