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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Art class

Whether at the easel or the potter’s wheel, students at Calhoun discover new pathways and perspectives through the visual arts. Teachers encourage experimentation and risk-taking, using art as a vehicle to foster not only fluency with materials, but essential problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Coursework takes advantage of the vast resources at our doorstep, using New York City as a classroom to inspire and expand students’ understanding of the field.

Much of the art-making that happens in Calhoun’s studios breaks down conventional barriers between the arts and other subjects. Students might gain hands-on experience in engineering and design through an elementary sculpture project, or examine the connections between art history and mythology in an advanced Upper School elective.

Lower School Art

At Calhoun, the arts are fully integrated into the academic experience across all of our divisions.

Lower School Art

Calhoun’s visual arts program encourages students to explore, experiment and take risks with their work. Classes in visual art, design and woodshop foster problem-solving skills and introduce students to the art of diverse cultures across history.

Middle School Art


Middle School art electives have included courses such as Art in the City, Murals, Stop-Motion Animation, Woodworking, Fiber Art & Textiles and Photography.


Upper School Art


Upper School art courses have included Graphic Design, Illustration, Introduction to Intaglio, Pottery, Geometrical Design & Technical Drawing, Painting and more.


Upper School Art

Through classes including pottery, sculpture, painting, printmaking, graphic design, filmmaking, photography and wood shop, students develop problem-solving skills, learn to work both collaboratively and independently, and discover the art of diverse cultures across history.

"Art is a very physical form of thinking and a holistic way of problem-solving. We have different kinds of learners, and art reaches a lot of different kinds of minds."

Auguste Elder

Upper School Art Teacher