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Calhoun strives to build a learning environment with our core values of diversity, equity and inclusion at the center.

We believe diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to our academic program because they create opportunities for critical thinking and analysis, social/emotional skill acquisition, self-expression and design thinking. Calhoun views DEI work as a foundational component of our educational program and of the school's mission. 

John Gentile
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Diversity and Accountability Board

Calhoun built upon its established diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programming by adding a number of new elements, expanding partnerships and responding to the needs of our growing community. 

Affinity Groups at Calhoun: Making a Better Community

Affinity groups at Calhoun offer students the opportunity to explore their own racial identities in safe spaces. As they delve into complex and nuanced topics around race, they are supported by fellow students and facilitators who share a common identity. 

US English teacher Ellen Kwon speaks in class

By Ellen Kwon
Upper School English teacher Ellen Kwon reflects on the process of choosing texts for her class and discusses the importance of representation as her classes explore a diverse selection of literary voices. 

Middle schooler raises his hand in class

Seventh grade students became advocates for First Nations peoples after engaging in an in-depth study that touched on elements of science, history and social justice. After researching issues that continue to plague this community, the Middle Schoolers took steps to make change and educate the public. 

Spanish at AMNH

Students in Upper School Spanish class are assigned to research a work of art by the Mayans, Incas or Aztecs that can be found in the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). But in the fall of 2011, what began as a straightforward research paper turned into a bilingual project and powerful collaboration with the Natural History museum's education department

Celebrating Rosa Parks

Calhoun's second graders studied and honored Rosa Parks with this claymation film that they helped research, write and produce in their media arts class. The unit of study, integrating social studies, technology, literary and creative arts, is a good example of the cross-disciplinary learning and project-based learning at the heart of progressive education.