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Head Lines from Steve

Head Lines is a monthly newsletter from Head of School Steve Solnick to the Calhoun community.

Head Lines from Steve September 2021

Well, it's a bit later than usual this year (Shana Tova to those who celebrated this week!), but the start of the new school year is upon us. We're so excited to have our students back! You may have noticed some new graphic elements adorning our newsletters, and you'll be seeing more in the coming weeks.

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 Head Lines from Steve: June 2021

Somehow we've made it to the end of this unprecedented year. We'll miss seeing your children every day and we hope that, once the psychic dust settles, they will look back on this as a time when they met a great challenge together, supported by their friends, families and teachers. There was joy and there was heartache, and hopefully we emerge from it stronger. 

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Final COVID-19 Testing Update

June 3 marked our final collection round for saliva testing. Through this program, Calhoun has tested over 13,500 samples for COVID-19 since we returned to in-person school last fall.

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 Head Lines from Steve: May 2021

It's May! How did that happen? This last month marks the longest stretch I've gone without sending an update since the Before Times. Hopefully, this is another sign of our gradual return to normalcy. A lot has happened since I last wrote to you. A helicopter flew on Mars. The United States announced ambitious new greenhouse gas reduction targets. The Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis ended in a conviction on all counts. 

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A Message from Steve: April 2021

As we look ahead to more daylight, better weather and the (hopefully) final stages of our pandemic restrictions, we're beginning to take some careful steps towards restoring normal school life. The first of those steps will be to expand the rotations of those Middle and Upper Schoolers with blended in-person and remote schedules.

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