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3's Complete Collaborative Collage & Watercolor Projects

Working with a partner, students in Christy Kong's 3's classroom worked together to create a collage. The children began by using scissors to cut small pieces of colored paper, which they added onto a large sheet of paper. With the help of lots of glue, each student chose to carefully arrange the assortment of colored pieces. They worked side by side, sharing the materials, paper, glue and space. The last step for this project was to draw onto the collage with the pastels--on top of the scraps, and onto the white paper. This colorful creation was a collaborative effort by all the children over several days.

In the group's next art project, they tried out watercolor in a new way. First the children sprayed the entire surface of their paper with water, then they added the liquid watercolor. Once the paper was filled with color, they introduced the salt. It was sprinkled, sometimes poured onto the surface and the children started noticing the way the salt quickly soaked up the color and left a cool effect.