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5th Graders Use Multiplication & Division Skills to Design a Restaurant

In math class, fifth graders have been studying different strategies to help them multiply and divide larger numbers. "In addition to reviewing the standard algorithm for multiplication, students practiced using area models and number relationships to multiply two-digit by two-digit and three/four-digit by one/two-digit numbers," writes teacher Erica Schrenker. As she continues, "Students then transitioned into division, emphasizing the inverse relationship between the two operations and even using certain multiplication strategies to begin solving more complex division problems with multi-digit divisors."

Students investigated the real-life applications of multiplication and division in their Design a Restaurant project. Fifth graders were tasked with budgeting costs, formulating blueprints, planning menu items, and calculating bills for their restaurant. From the Panda Cafe to Pasta NYC, students' business proposals combined their creativity with their growing math skills. According to Erica, "The final projects were impressive, and students were so proud of their success!"


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