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Calhoun Students Take Part in CITYarts Pieces for Peace Project

Throughout the 2021-22 school year, Calhoun students worked with CITYarts, a nonprofit public arts and education organization, during community events like Umuganda Day of Service, the Winter Artists and Creatives Fair, the Upper School Community Service Fair and Earth Day. The US Students in Action Club has helped to lead and facilitate these events and workshops for students of all ages, teachers and families.

The CITYarts Pieces for Peace project has connected youth from 103 countries across 6 continents and is part of the CITYarts Young Minds Build Bridges program. These workshops ask youth to create art based on their vision of peace and what peace looks like to them. This teaches the importance of conceptualizing peace in students’ personal lives and among each other in their communities by encouraging them to discover their own images of peace through the creative process. The artwork is shown on the Pieces for Peace online exhibition from many communities around the world.

View the Calhoun Pieces for Peace online exhibition.

Artwork by Calhoun students Selin, Kamille and Delilah. 



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