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Harlow M. '27 Writes Advocacy Letter & Receives Reply from Salt Lake County Mayor

In the Upper School Community Action class, students were tasked with either writing a letter to a decision maker of their choosing or creating a survey. As Harlow M. '27 describes, she opted to write to Jenny Wilson, the Mayor of Salt Lake County, "about how the Great Salt Lakes water is being overused, and it is shrinking by so much that toxic gases are being released into the surrounding air." Her letter focused on the effects this has on the environment, human health and the economy, and asked for legislation to be passed addressing the issue. Mayor Wilson sent a reply back, agreeing about the urgency of the issue and thanking Harlow for her advocacy, writing, "Letters like yours remind us that even local issues have far-reaching consequences and inspire me to keep fighting." In addition to the letter, Mayor Wilson also sent a package with a signed copy of a book about Utah's Wasatch Range. "I was definitely not even expecting a response," says Harlow. As she continued, "This shows that politicians actually (sometimes) are curious what you want to say and what they can do!"


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