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Kindergartners Practice Math Skills During Game Day

Kindergartners have been learning how to play a series of math games, including Tenzi, Nim and Guess My Number. After days of practice, they hosted a game day where they rotated between three stations, engaging in friendly competition with their classmates. As kindergarten teachers Tillie Scarritt and Heather Jupiter write, "We had a great time honing and reinforcing important kindergarten math skills in this super-fun way." 

Learn more about the games:

Tenzi is a speed game where you roll all ten dice until each number cube lands on the same number of your choosing – helping students with number/pattern recognition and subitizing, or the skill of seeing a number on the die without having to count. 

Nim uses empty ten frames and unifix cubes. Each player is allowed to place one, two or three cubes on the frame during their turn. The winner gets to place the final cube on the frame. This quick game introduced a bit of competition and a lot of strategic thinking as students went through trial and error to figure out different configurations for placing the cubes.

Guess My Number is a multidisciplinary project that incorporates writing too. Students picked a number, represented it on ten frame(s) and then used precise math vocabulary to provide hints (ex: my number is odd, greater than four and less than seven).


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