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8th Graders Embody Characters & Debate Banned Books in Mock Town Hall

In Krystal Reddick's 8th grade English class, students have been reading, discussing and writing about banned books. They were given three banned books to choose from to read independently: Maus, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and Beyond Magenta. Eighth graders wrote a research paper about the appropriateness of their book for Middle School, offering their opinion on if it should or should not be banned.

The culminating project for the unit was a mock town hall. The students debated the appropriateness of a banned children's book, Prince & Knight, for the Middle School classroom. Each student embodied a different role of a community member (i.e. Middle School principal, librarian, parent/guardian, LGBTQIA+ ally, etc.) and presented the viewpoint of the character assigned to them.


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