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Spring Sports Recap

Our Spring 2023 Athletics season was one for the ages! We had impressive wins and individual performances, deep runs in the playoffs, and skill building at all levels. Our Varsity Boys/Non-Binary Students Baseball team were co-champions of NYCAL and set a record for league wins. Our Varsity Grey Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball team went 14-1 overall, won the NYCAL championship and were NYSAIS champions for the fourth year in a row! Go Cougars!

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Varsity Grey Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball

The Varsity Grey Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball team continued their dominant streak, winning the NYCAL championship, before securing their fourth NYSAIS state championship. The team was led by co-captains Jason L. '23 and Deacon B. '23, and had excellent leadership from its seniors. Julian T. '25, Roman D. '24 and Deacon B. '23 won NYCAL all-league player awards (Deacon also won NYCAL's MVP award). The players accomplished all of the goals they set for themselves; as coach Sabrina Zurkuhlen writes, "I couldn't have asked for a better final season or team to go out with."


Varsity Boys/Non-Binary Students Baseball

The Varsity Boys/Non-Binary Students Baseball team had a strong season, ending as NYCAL regular season co-champions with a record of 12-3 (9-1 in the league). According to Coach Scott Tuchman, the team set a record for league wins (9) and a team record for consecutive wins (11). Additionally, John F. '24 set team records for batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage. "The team managed to keep winning despite multiple injuries, including season-ending injuries to two important players," writes Scott.


Varsity Girls/Non-Binary Students Softball

The Varsity Girls/Non-Binary Students Softball team ended their season with a record of 3-6. One of the highlights was the team's win against Brooklyn Friends. As Coach Jose Burgos writes, "seeing their faces and seeing how happy they were...that is what stood out for the season." Each player on the team got a hit during a game, which was Jose's goal for the season.



Varsity Track & Field

The Varsity Track & Field team's season was defined by strong individual performances across many different events. In addition to being led by Calhoun Student-Athlete of the Year, Zach P. '24, Asha S. '24 and Asha L. '26 had fantastic performances on the track. To conclude the season, six runners qualified to compete in the NYSAIS state championship meet. Zach P. '24 placed 10th in the 3200m, Asha S. '24 came in 15th for the 400m and Jalen T. '23 placed 17th in the 400m.

Photos by Maya Singh



Varsity Boys/Non-Binary Students Tennis

The Varsity Boys/Non-Binary Students Tennis team competed in ten matches against area competitors. A highlight for the season was their hard-fought match against Browning where all team members played their best on the court and they ended up tying the match. The team was led by a strong group of seniors who will be greatly missed next year: Charles S., Sam M. T., Ryan G. and Harry R. Overall, the season was a success and the foundation of the tennis program continues to grow.


Varsity Green Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball

The Varsity Green Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball team's season was filled with moments of effort and growth as they welcomed many new players to the sport. "As a developmental team, our goal was to improve conceptually as well as grow our individual players’ skill sets," write coaches Justin Drucker and Omar Williams. In addition to having players step into new roles and notching some big scoreboard wins, the team had a lot of fun throughout the season as they competed against varsity-level teams. The team rose to every challenge, including their very close game against Berkeley Carroll where they focused on communicating effectively, fighting hard and gaining confidence on the court. Coaches Justin and Omar "are so pleased by each player's progress and the commitment they gave to this program."


Middle School Baseball

The Middle School Baseball team had a season of growth and good teamwork. Coach Ishmil Pair cites the team's 8-6 win against Trevor Day School in early May as one of the highlights of the season. Aside from the win, Ishmil felt the team "learn[ed] to play with adversities and how to adapt to any situation."


Middle School Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball

The Middle School Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball team's season "was an  exciting and successful one," writes coach Brooke Carbajal. The team "had moments of success on the scoreboard and met challenging moments with resilience." One of the highlights from the season was the team's home match against UNIS. After losing the first match earlier in the season, in the rematch the team focused on communication and effort to come back from losing the first set, eventually winning the match. Brooke calls it "a testament to their perseverance and hard work throughout the year." She adds, "beyond the wins and losses, what we are most proud of is the growth that took place this season and the future of the Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball program."


Middle School Track

The Middle School Track team, led by coaches Mika Scott and Jasmine Vaughn, had a season of outstanding individual performances. The 100m was the main race of choice among the student-athletes, and the team excelled in the 200m, 400m and 800m. Though some of the team members weren't sure at the beginning of the season if track was the right sport for them, they grew as a team and all proved themselves to be great runners. Over the course of the season, the student-athletes came together to support each other. The coaches are looking forward to continuing to coach the seventh graders next year, and to seeing how eighth graders perform in high school. 



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