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Spring Sports Recap

As the spring sports season comes to a close, we'd like to celebrate the achievements and memorable moments that have defined these past few months. Through the highs and lows of the season, student-athletes on our baseball, softball, tennis, track and volleyball teams consistently showed dedication to the sport and a strong sense of teamwork. Go Cougars!

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Varsity Boys/Non-Binary Students Baseball

Though the Varsity Boys/Non-Binary Students Baseball team's season didn't go according to plan, "there were certainly high points and plenty to be proud of," write Coaches Scott Tuchman and Raun Ruffin. Despite losing four of their first six games, the team finished the season with a 10-6 record. Throughout the season, they managed some exciting wins and pulled off two epic comebacks: Calhoun trailed 7-0 against Trevor Day and went on to win the game 10-8; while on the road against Horace Mann, the team battled back from a 7-1 deficit to win 9-8. As Scott and Raun reflect, "We will miss our five senior players and two senior managers. However, our future is bright with our young starters returning and new additions coming next season."

Varsity Girls/Non-Binary Students Softball

Despite a challenging season with only one win, the Varsity Girls/Non-Binary Students Softball team displayed immense growth and perseverance. A standout moment was the thrilling victory against Columbia Prep, where the team showcased their skills and determination, clinching the win in the final inning with an incredible triple play. This game was a testament to the players' hard work and resilience. As Coaches Gay Hemphill and Gabby Montes describe, Eva F. '24 and Taylor N. '25 stood out for their unwavering commitment to the team, providing incredible leadership both on and off the field. Their dedication and positive influence were instrumental in motivating the team throughout the season. The team's pitcher, Ruthie L. '26, demonstrated significant improvement, impressing everyone with her fabulous pitching skills. Linden B.-F. '26's hard work and dedication were also noteworthy, as she constantly looked out for her teammates and acted in the team's best interest, embodying the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie.

Varsity Boys/Non-Binary Students Tennis

The Varsity Boys/Non-Binary Students Tennis team grew tremendously throughout this season. With a small but mighty roster, they competed with determination in match after match. On April 15, the team beat UNIS 3-2 in a close matchup. Other highlight victories include Hugo D. '26 and Jack C. '25's 8-2 doubles win over UNIS and Alik L. '26's 8-0 win over Browning in the NYCAL Championship tournament. The team's future is bright with the entire roster returning next year.

Varsity Track & Field

The Varsity Track & Field team ended their season by finishing third overall at the NYCAL Championship meet. There were several standout individual performances, including from seniors Asha S., Zach P. and Harrison Z. The three seniors also competed alongside Simone A. '27, Mia R. '25, Delilah S. '25, Lila S. '27, Asha L. '26, Christian E. '27, Keith J. '25, Zach B. W. '25, and Sinmi A. '25 in the NYSAIS state championship meet on May 22. At the meet, Simone A. '27 came in second in the 400m dash with a time of 59.84 seconds and Zach P. '24 placed fourth in the 3200m run with a time of 10:07.08.

Varsity Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball

The Varsity Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball team was primarily filled with a new roster of players. Through the challenges of the season, the team's first win against Masters was a highlight for the players. As Coaches Oral Channer and Brooke Carbajal describe, "With a fantastic group of seniors new to the varsity program, their guidance and leadership for a roster primarily made up of ninth and tenth graders was outstanding." The coaches are extremely proud of the work and progress the players made, especially with the fundamental skill of blocking and passing. The future looks bright, as a bulk of the roster will return for next year. 

Varsity Green Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball

The Varsity Green Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball team made significant improvements throughout the season on an individual and team level. As Coach Omar Williams describes, at the beginning of the season, there were several players who were unable to serve the ball over the net, but now the entire team can do so. They ended the season with a record of 2-4; their victory in a home match against Trinity was a highlight and "a testament to the power of teamwork," writes Omar. Throughout the season, the team demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship on and off the court. Captain Tristan E. '26 communicated effectively and led by example.

Middle School Baseball

The Middle School Baseball team had a strong season. One of the highlights was their game against York Prep, where, in contrast to last year, the players and coaches were the more experienced team and were able to offer pointers to the less experienced team. Additionally, Ian G. '28 hit a home run over the fence, which is a first for Middle School Baseball. The team's next game was a record for the largest margin of victory, as they defeated Trevor Day with a score of 20 to 1. Eighth grade captains Otto B. and Ian G. showed true leadership the entire season. As Coach Ishmil Pair writes, "Other than winning and having fun, our team goals of bonding as a family, and every day becoming better than what we were the previous day were achieved with all players showing improvement."

Middle School Track & Field

The Middle School Track season was one of fun and growth. This season's team was a mix of returners and new runners, and the combination of experience and new energy created an exciting dynamic. The team posted top-five performances in multiple events throughout the season, including the boys' 4x400 relay, the boys' 1600m run and girls' 4x100 relay. Coaches Meghan Chidsey and Jasmine Vaughn are excited for the 8th graders to move up to varsity, and they can't wait to have the 7th graders back for more next year. Congratulations to all of our Middle School runners.

Middle School Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball

The Middle School Boys/Non-Binary Students Volleyball team did a remarkable job during their first experience as a team and, in most cases, their first time playing volleyball. The team's record was 1-6, though as Coaches Omar Williams, Patricia Amador and Arisa Hirabayashi describe, the "record doesn’t reflect the fact that they won sets, and most of those sets were extremely close and could have gone either way." As time passed in the season, the team's fluidity on the court improved and it culminated with an exhilarating victory against UNIS on May 16. Captain Julien “Chippy” C. '28 was a tremendous leader – serving as an example both on and off the court, in addition to providing support to his teammates. The coaching team believes that there is a bright team in development and are excited to continue the work that they started this season.


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