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The MS Spring Show, May 15
THE MS SPRING SHOW: 6 Comic Scenes & An Opening Number   

Seventh and eighth graders from the MS Spring Show theater elective will present a variety-style show of 6 comic scenes with an opening musical number. Join us on Wednesday, May 15 at 6pm in the Mary Lea Johnson Performing Arts Center, located on the fifth floor of Calhoun's 81st Street building. 

Admission to this public event is free and open to all. We hope to see you there!

Opening Number: “Another Opening, Another Show”
Scene I: “I Don’t Know Much About Heart, But I Know What I Lack”
Scene 2:  “How Long Have I Been Sleeping?”
Scene 3: “And You Call Yourself A Kid”
Scene 4: “Scout’s Honor"
Scene 5: “He Who Laughs Last”
Scene 6:  “Who’s On First?”



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