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Third Graders Complete LEGO Architecture Project

Third graders in Kyle Anderson's STEAM class learned about Philip Freelon, one of the lead architects of the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture. Guided by Freelon’s principles of designing buildings that help people, students planned out their own buildings and wrote about how people would benefit from their designs. The class' knowledge of the architectural process offered a great segue into a mathematical study of measurement (metric and U.S. standard), perimeter, area and 2D geometry.

As a culminating project to wrap up the architecture, measurement and geometry units, third graders worked in partnerships, read a design brief with space specifications and created a map (blueprint) of their designs. The students then set about building models of their designed spaces. Some groups quickly realized they needed to rearrange or edit their ideas when confronted with the actual space they were building within. LEGOs were used to create models using mini-figures to test the scale of objects.

LS–E students complete LEGO architecture project.