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Umuganda Day of Service Saturday, October 16

Calhoun’s third annual Umuganda Day of Service will be held on Saturday, October 16 from 10-11:30am on Zoom. This event is sponsored by the Students in Action club, the Community Service Learning program and the Parents Association.

“Umuganda” means “we come together for good,” in the language of Rwanda, where the entire country spends a Saturday morning every month, working on their community. For this year's Umuganda Day event, we will be doing a Pieces for Peace workshop from the CITYarts organization. CITYarts empowers, educates and connects youth locally and around the world to create art and become active participants in communities. Participants of all ages will create a drawing/'tile' to represent what peace in the world means to them. Calhoun artwork will be posted on the CITYarts online international exhibition. 

Upper School students will get community service credits for participating in the event and submitting their work. Students can get additional service credit by volunteering through the Students in Action club. We would love to have help from adults to moderate Zoom breakout rooms with the US students. Training for adults will be one hour on Zoom in the week before the event, and a meeting at 9:30am ET on the day of the event.

RSVP for the Umuganda Day of Service here. 

Event information for attendees: 

Join the event here on Saturday, October 16 from 10-11:30am. Meeting ID: 851 7156 6027.

Umuganda Day will begin with an introduction by our event co-chairs and a presentation from CITYarts, then all participants will 'co-work' in breakout rooms as we create the art pieces. Once we have completed our artworks, we will rejoin the main room to discuss and reflect on our work as a community. We will also have a short exercise on identifying any 'interpersonal litter,' a key element to the concept of the Umuganda Day of Service.

Here is a link for the tile template. If you are unable to print templates at home, you can pick them up from the security desk in both buildings after Wednesday, October 13. If participants come to the event without a template, we can share the template link in the chat to print. If you don't have a printer, you can draw a 6"x6" square on a sheet of paper. On the bottom of the sheet, please write your first name (not last name), age, school, date, city/state, and country. 

Finished original artwork (not a copy) should be dropped off in boxes in the school lobby on Monday, October 18. We will share when the Calhoun tiles are on the CITYarts online exhibition.