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US English Class Visits With Alum at Lehmann Maupin Gallery

Upper School students in English teacher Ellen Kwon's The Other in Literature and Film class took a trip to the Lehmann Maupin Gallery to see Calida Rawles' exhibit, A Certain Oblivion. Calhoun alum Alva Stux '11, who has served as the gallery's director for the past two years, guided the class through the exhibit. The trip complemented what students have been learning in the classroom, where they focus "on 'other' stories based upon identity factors like race and gender but also just arbitrary othering," writes Ellen.

Before they visited the gallery, the class discussed how Rawles uses the ancient Hebrew story of Lilith as inspiration for her work. As the Lehmann Maupin website describes, "Rawles expands the Lilith legacy and repositions her from a malevolent spirit at the antithesis of womanhood to a sovereign being who drifts to the surface of uncertain waters, becoming a source of inspired rebellion."


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