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Upper Schoolers Lead Environmental Education & Action with Fifth Graders

Throughout the semester, Upper Schoolers in the Students Teaching Students elective have been collecting information and sharing ideas about how to raise awareness and take action on their particular areas of interest. For their final project, a group of US students organized a visit to our Lower School science classroom to speak with fifth graders about climate change, water quality and plastic pollution. The presentation connected with what fifth graders have been learning in their lessons about the impact of pollution on an ecosystem. After the presentation, the US students worked with fifth graders to clean up the Calhoun garden in Riverside Park, removing plastic and other debris. The cross-divisional collaboration allowed Upper Schoolers to practice their leadership skills and bring a project to fruition, and fifth graders had the opportunity to apply what they've learned in the classroom and engage in environmental stewardship in one of their favorite outdoor spaces.


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