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US Spring Session Allows for Exploration Outside of Standard Curriculum

For one week between the last two mods, the entire Upper School participates in mini-courses that allow for exploration and intense learning outside of the standard curriculum. This year's Spring Session workshops included Art in New York, Marine Biology, Perfume Through the Ages, The Bite of "Martial Arts," and many more!

Spring Session 2024 Courses

Art of NYC • Inner Circle • NYC in the Movies • Better Science Through Art • Japanese Culture and Language • Perfume Through the Ages • The Bite of "Martial Arts" • Korean Culture: An Immersive Journey • Perspectives in Motion • Calhoun Garden in Riverside Park • Marine Biology • Phenomenon of Taylor Swift • Collage/Scrapbooking • Mindfulness and Self-Care • Reading for Pleasure in NYC • Field to Museum: Cretaceous Exploration • Muppets, Puppets, and Ruckus • Theater Immersion • Food in Film • New York Iconic Food • West of Wizards


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