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US Students Featured on "Kids for Positive Change" PBS Series

Last school year, Camille Licate, the founder of Kids for Positive Change, worked with a group of US students as a part of their Community Action elective. Following their collaboration, Xolani B. '24, YunSeo N. '24, Quinn S. '24 and Kate W. '23 were interviewed as youth changemakers for the Kids for Positive Change series on PBS. The series "reaches, teaches, and inspires kids to take positive action for the planet, by addressing problems animals and the planet are facing, finding solutions, and raising awareness through advocacy and action."

The four students spoke about their Take Action Projects from last year, which were centered around an issue they were passionate about––ranging from how fast fashion contributes to global warming, to how polar bears' environments are impacted by the changing temperatures. They provided background on the topic and offered solutions people can implement in their everyday lives. To watch the highlights of their interviews, click here. The episode aired in North Carolina in early November. To request local PBS stations air the series, click here.