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Calhoun History

The Calhoun School History

When you look at the long history of Calhoun, what emerges is a portrait of a school that has continually evolved. The Calhoun of today is a far cry from the traditional, all-girls’ school founded by educator Laura Jacobi in 1896, with an initial graduating class of only four students. Ever since those early days, Calhoun has grown and adapted to a changing city, country and world–spurred on by advancements in education research, larger social forces and, most of all, a drive to best serve its students. 

That spirit of flexibility and innovation has not only contributed to the institution’s longevity, but it mirrors the same qualities that Calhoun educators have aimed to foster in students throughout history: the adaptability and self-resolve to shape an unknown future. 

Calhoun has evolved over the course of history, but it continues to be a place that puts students at the center, and where we remain grounded in the values of diversity, social justice and community engagement. As we learn from and honor the past, we remain open to the future and how we might shape it together.

125th Anniversary

Our 125th anniversary year, celebrated during the 2021-22 school year, was a time to honor our rich history and come together as a community.

See the anniversary highlights.

School History Timeline

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