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Asha S. '24 – Community Through Basketball

The inspiration: I've played basketball my whole life, and realized that there is not always space for folks newer or less represented in the sport to feel comfort and community. In order to create space for people to feel that sense of comfort and community, I set up two events: a free clinic for Middle School girls across NYC, and a school-wide 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

The process: The project relied on me reaching out to as many people as I could, which ranged from Olympic basketball gold medalists to athletic directors to parents of middle schoolers. I started at my end goal, and worked backwards. From securing gym space to creating marketing graphics to coding a spreadsheet to properly rank the teams in the tournament, the details at each step helped me to reach my end goal.

What I learned: The confidence I gained from doing this project is something I will value for a long time. This was the first project of this size and impact I had done, and it was special to look at both the process and end product, knowing that I created it. My communication, problem solving, time management, and self accountability skills all grew tremendously through this project, and I am excited to use those skills in the future.

What's next: I hope I can run these events again this year, and that they will continue on at Calhoun once I graduate!