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Ava C. '23 – Caught in the Moment, an Original Album

What was the inspiration behind your project? 

Growing up, I have always had an undeniable passion for music. I found great fulfillment in writing lyrics and connecting with others through songs. Before this project, I had written several, but never had the time to fully flesh them out and finish them properly. I always knew I wanted to create an EP or LP before leaving high school, and having the opportunity to do so with the help and support from Calhoun was incredible. My inspiration for this project blossomed from the genres that influenced me, such as pop, rock, alternative rock, blues and classical music. I studied artists and found myself looking up to them and their craft. The joy I receive from listening, analyzing and feeling the music other artists choose to share with their audience is indescribable. This was my chance to create something that reflected who I was and put the time and energy into making it the best I could. 

Could you tell me more about the process of creating your project? How did you bring your idea to life? 

I began this process with the overall goal of creating a storyline through a three-song EP. When I start writing a song, I sit with a piano or guitar and take the time to flesh out concepts and lyrics. Another big part of my process was journaling. I would aim to journal at least once a day to just get some ideas and thoughts on paper. I would often write about issues I was facing, mental blocks, or positive advances being made. My hand-written journal became my close companion through the process, and offered me a space to freely express disorganized, but creative thoughts. After I finished the writing process of my three songs, I transitioned into the production and recording aspect of it all. Fortunately, my dad is a musician and he agreed to help me work through the difficulties faced when producing, recording and mixing a set of songs. The two of us would work together as much as possible, enhancing the songs with the right instruments and additional sounds to complement my writing and storyline. Once we were able to do that, everything fell into place and I could see my idea finally come to life. 

What did you learn from Junior Workshop? What was valuable about the experience?

Throughout this process I not only learned about producing music and writing an EP, but I also learned about myself. Having been given this opportunity to allow my creativity to flourish in a way it never had before, I was able to realize how much I love this art form. I believe projects like Junior Workshop are vitally important for young artists and thinkers to explore their passions and interests and learn from themselves. I also learned the benefit of good time management skills. Through this process I had many deadlines, some were external but a lot were internal. Because I cared so deeply about this project, I did everything in my power to meet all deadlines, and in the end I believe that meeting those deadlines and actively pushing myself to deliver the best product contributed greatly to the success of my final project. 

What's next? Do you plan on continuing to pursue this idea/interest further?

After this project, I went on to write, produce and record another song. My first released song, called Loverboy, is currently out on all platforms. My success during Junior Workshop inspired me to keep going with my musical passions and continue to create. Moving forward as I start my college journey, I plan to pursue music production and songwriting to further my knowledge. Additionally, I plan on releasing another single before this year ends, as well as starting the process of a longer EP or album to be released in the near future.