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Delilah C. '24 - Original Comic Book "Beacon"

The inspiration: Since I was really little I have always had a deep love for comic books. So when Junior Workshop came around I jumped at the chance to write one about my own character.

The process: I already had a story in mind going into Junior Workshop so I really just had to figure out how to format it and then actually make the artwork. I started by looking up a lot of videos with tips on how to format comic panels. And from there, it was just a lot of sketching and planning.

What I learned: I learned a lot about the comic making process from my own research during Junior Workshop. I really enjoyed having time to work on my own personal projects during school. I really value this experience because it got me to fully realize that I want to make comics for a living.

What's next: I do intend to pursue this idea in the future. The comic that I made for Junior Workshop is only a very small piece of a much bigger story that I would love to continue writing in the future.