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Mireia R-M. '23 – The Calhoun Songbook

The inspiration: I wanted to do something involving singing, but I also really like to write and draw out deeper meanings of text and lyrics, so I combined these two interests into one project.

The process: I recorded a collection of songs that are now on SoundCloud. One song was "Night Shift" by Lucy Dacus, which has the prettiest melodies and is one of my favorite songs. It was also the hardest to derive meaning from because it's written in the most metaphorical terms, but in the end I achieved an explanation I was happy with. I also created a binder full of sticky notes and pages of interpretations of the songs' lyrics. The intention was to have it in the music room as a resource for people to think about the music they're listening to on a deeper level, add their own interpretations, or include their own songs they want to analyze.

What I learned: I want to have singing in the rest of my life. I got a taste of what professional recording and singing is like with a recording microphone and accompaniment. I really, really loved this experience so I know now that I want to involve singing in my career somehow.

What's next: Helped by my experience in this project, I wrote my own song over the summer. My work with music and lyrics continues in my conversations with friends, in my own journals and my own thinking. The project has given me an added layer of awareness any time I'm listening to a song.

Listen to Mireia sing "Lucia" as part of the Calhoun Songbook: