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Noelle B. '24 – NYC Climate Change Guide for Kids & Teens

The inspiration: I became increasingly interested in climate change in high school, and when researching this issue, I discovered few websites tailored to younger audiences. I decided to code, research, design and create artwork for a "NYC Climate Change Guide for Kids & Teens." This fourteen-page educational website provides information on what climate change is, previous and predicted environmental hazards in NYC, details about specific elected officials supporting sustainable policies, organizations to support in NYC, and actions you can take to help combat this issue. I firmly believe in involving/educating our youth, as they are criticial to a solution's long-term success. The drawing that is included on the website, titled, Our Mother is Dying, depicts an ashen Mother Nature saddened and dying as the disastrous effects of climate change merge around her.

The process: As the scope of information I wanted to include broadened, so did the breadth of coding skills required to accomplish the website. With only a two-week Girls Who Code summer immersion program under my belt, I soon faced many challenges and coding glitches. I used HTML, CSS and Javascript languages and ended up having to teach myself new skills, such as how to code hyperlinks or attach videos. But, after a lot of research, trial and error, I completed the website with over 6,000 lines of code and a 120-page Junior Workshop journal in which I documented the process.

What I learned: I learned more about how New York City is prone to environmental hazards because of climate change and what the City Council is already planning to do to tackle it. I also learned more about what I can do in my daily life to help and what organizations to join. The project was a valuable experience because I realized what I am capable of when I challenge myself.

What's next: I am planning on using my website to spread awareness about climate change to our Middle School students. In college, I plan to pursue studying environmental studies as a major/minor and either sharing this website, or creating a similar one tailored to the college environment.