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Oscar L. '20 — Designing a More Sustainable Calhoun

The Project: Redesigning the architecture of the 81st Street building to make a more sustainable Calhoun.

The Inspiration: I really wanted to build and draw something, since that's what I really enjoy. I'm also really interested in architecture and thought about different ways that I could redesign Calhoun. I thought that the design and redesign phase of an architectural project could give me a chance to make things with my hands.

A key aspect of my project that I was only looking to change the building from an architectural standpoint.  I thought about how I could change the shape of the building and how I could make it as efficient as possible.

The Process: I explored different areas of research. I looked at how to design a building sustainably, which includes looking at systems throughout the building and ways to maximize the use of natural resources. I also explored the sustainability issues the current building has then lastly I researched examples of sustainable architecture in our society.

Following research was a phase I call the “design and redesign phase.” After making multiple sketches and models for a first draft, I continued to rebuild and redesign for a final exhibition.

What I Learned: I learned about the process of creating something from start to finish. I feel this will definitely help me not only in future projects that I'm assigned in college, but also when I work on my own.  Junior Workshop has helped me make a plan, set realistic goals and question whether I’m using my time effectively. [What I learned from] the structure of Junior Workshop will allow me to complete personal or school projects in a much more efficient manner.